Erelia – a land that, some say, has lost itself. Once, back when noble kings ruled from the high throne at Atahiel, this was a bright and prosperous place, but when King Luke, first of his name, died without an heir some six hundred years ago, that all changed. The barons and counts presiding over the lands of the Kingdom began to quarrel – and with no higher power, with no king to unite them, there could be no consensus where the interests of these men of power conflicted…

These were dark times – many of the heads of the noble houses became little better than glorified warlords, and though the political situation has become more stable with time, there is still no true unity in the land, and the ruling families of the many city-states maneuver and vie for dominance.

But even now, as deals are brokered between the ruling families, as lives and lands are bought and sold, there is a power gathering that threatens to shatter this tentative peace, and leave only chaos in its wake…

This is a dark time… A time for heroes… (play opening theme)

Nikki – Flaffem
Ven – Flick
Kit – Haradriel
Rose – Kiki
Ari – Rudra
Sami – Lindel
Matt – Rohn
Cyrus – GM

Champions of Erelia

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