Champions of Erelia

New Beginnings. . .

Session 1

In the first session, we learned of the backstory of Erelia.

The first scene in modern times opened upon Haradriel, trying to bargain with an old shopkeeper. She was trying to sell her old explorer’s outfit as the Enchanted Vestments of King Jarbok IV. This ultimately was unsuccessful, but with a little help from a passing stranger (Flick), the shopkeeper did eventually give Haradriel store credit. With this store credit, she purchased a goat and named it Beleg.

That night, as it happened, all the PCs happened to attend a town meeting in Logging Hamlet 3472. The council of elders needed to send a group of people to make a pilgrimage to an abbey in the northeast. This involves bringing the wood to be made into special wine-casks by the master barrel maker. This biannual pilgrimage was part of a ritual to ordain new Peloran priests at the abbey. Normally, this trip was undertaken by Elder Tom, but he was recently struck ill. Flick, as a high-status member of the community, was given money by Elder Tom’s daughter Tomina to recruit a traveling party for the expedition. Eventually, Flick set off with Haradriel, Flaffem, Kiki, and Rudra. Elder Tom came along because it was suggested the country air might be good for him.

The party was entrusted with an ox and cart, and set off on their important expedition. The first day out met with no significant incident. On the second night out, Haradriel was on watch when she heard an unidentifiable sound and a glowing light off in the distance. Easily distracted, she convinced herself that it would be best to leave her watch and investigate.

In a clearing on the edge of a wooded thicket, Haradriel discovered some goblins taking part in what looked like a goblin ritual, which consisted mostly of chanting and dancing around a fire. Her charisma and naivete made her an easy friend of the scheming goblin leader, Ur’Mok (also known as Ur’Mok, Great and Mighty). She took part in this interesting ritual by playing music with her lute.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Flick, who had been awoken when Haradriel left the camp and who had been keeping watch, became concerned that four hours might be too long to be gone. She turned the watch over to Kiki, and followed the distant sound of music to find Haradriel. Upon finding the ritual taking place, Flick discretely snuck around the clearing to hide inside the goblins’ mud hut. There, she found a little money and a box of strange powder. With her keen gnomish-nose and knowledge of alchemy, she determined this to be flash powder, which would make a noise and impressive pyrotechnical display when thrown into fire. Immediately Flick understood that Haradriel had been captivated by goblin trickery. Using her spells Ghost Sound and Dancing Lights, from her hiding place in the hut she “summoned up a spirit” to tell Haradriel to return to camp.

Unfortunately, this was too effective, and succeeded in convincing Ur’Mok that he needed to return as well and help the party. Accompanied by Ar’Mok, Ur’Mok’s burly goblin lackey, everyone returned to camp. Ur’Mok, upon learning of Elder Tom’s illness, further became convinced that his purpose was to heal the elder.

The next day, the expedition continued, and the party arrived at the home of the Master Barrel Maker. With little fuss, Elder Tom found lodging for the party. Kiki asked for alms in the street to raise money for a monastery. This was somewhat successful.

Elder Tom was in fact somewhat cured by Ur’Mok’s ministrations. Soon it was time for Ur’Mok to leave. Haradriel bid her goblin friends a teary farewell and promised she would always remember their spiritual experience together. Ur’Mok gave Haradriel the advice that druids with powerful magic would be able to teach Beleg to speak, if she so wished. Armed with this knowledge, the party again departed for their next destination.

Another day passed on the road without any trouble. As the party approached a watch-post with a little stone bridge, Flaffem suddenly became aware of something moving in the tall grass to the east. With spittle dripping from its evil jowls, a bugbear lurched forward, glaring menacingly at the party. Ready for anything, Flaffem’s eyes narrowed, and his hand went to the hilt of his sword. . . .




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