Champions of Erelia

Session 11: Comings and Goings


It has been some time since our last correspondence; things have been busy, however with your brother away preparing for the coming war, I feel it necessary to let you and the rest of the family know what has come to pass. Things are in motion now that we have no method of recourse from; we can consider ourselves fully committed to the cause that would save the defenseless from the oncoming tides of battle.

To the southeast the orcs muster in greater numbers than history can recount, and still the City-States quabble. Moren, for all his competence, is a warrior first, and political maneuvering in Idras has all but silenced his plea for help, though our Fatherland has more than enough resources to combat the oncoming threat.

To the south is Nethkas, where our first envoys have been sent. Ideally located, the city could be considered the gateway to the remainder of the south. It is one of the only bastions standing in the way of the orc threat and the agricultural centers of our people. Were the supplies from there to be disrupted, it would only be a matter of time before even Idras falls.

I have since found the people who Moren sent – a colorful lot, if such things could be said freely. He shows affections for the song elf; though, the companions appear more interested in esoteric matters or show no interest at all. It is worrying, but their ambivalence is similar to the overall attitudes towards this conflict. If things could go on the way they are without having to rally the farmer to wield a spear, and the scholar a sword; then that would be best.

Some may say that it is impossible to save all those that will fall in the line of battle. It is true – a harsh reality of war that not everybody can be saved from suffering.

Many men and women will die, soon.

In some ways, though, I can report some good news. Though corruption runs deep in Nethkas, I was able to successfully convict the Captain of the Guard, “Birch”, on accounts of embezzlement, extortion, racketeering, banditry, and more besides. An opportunist through and through, he nevertheless knows the warrens of the city more than anything. Rather than put him to a just execution, I have conscripted him to organize the defense of the city and to aid the militia and Moren both.

This is only the starting point, though. Moren’s agents did not possess true enough character – some of them had left as soon as I arrived, though whether they fear someone like myself or they have different priorities, I shall never know. What is most important is the oncoming war.

Feora, I know things may seem dire, however you and I are cousins, and like Moren, we are tied together by bonds deeper than blood. My father has gone to the north to secure aide from them and to tell them of the threat – though, whether or not they will be able to send aid in time remains to be seen. Messengers have been sent to the other cities bearing flags, carrying the message that the orcs are coming. Whether or not they believe us is up to them.

We are heading south, to the Elves, and then to speak with the Dwarves. There is a sorcerer of sorts who may help our cause, as well – whether or not he is reliable remains to be seen, but he could prove to assist in logistical support. We must tell every family, every town, that they are to go to the nearest city.

Soon enough, we will enter the southern woods, but I think the orcs have spotted us…

- Charon



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