Champions of Erelia

Session 12: Elf Country

  • Stopped in Logging Hamlet 3472 from session 11
  • Minor social encounters with Flaffem’s family, etc.
  • Unsettling dreams from Eidris/Rudra (Ari’s character)
  • Went into the Southern Forest
  • Flaffem almost killed by bear after wandering off alone, saved by Charon Marduk
  • Established camp at the Human/Elf Boundary Line in an attempt to make contact with the elves; vote 3-2 to stay vs. advancing further in
  • While camped, encountered 2 trolls, dealt with handily
  • Advanced further into Elf Territory
  • Encountered a scouting party of elves, who did not believe 100% that there were trolls, even with evidence presented of troll heads. Headed by Randirlas.
  • Attempted to rendezvous with main vanguard platoon of elves to investigate the matter further – they were all dead, apparently by an Ogre Magi (cone of cold, whip/lacerations, impaling damage, etc.)
  • Ogre Mage apparently flew away
  • Arrived at Elf City (unknown name at the moment), session break at ~11:30.



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