Atropos Fun Bucks

What kind of a person would invent a currency that can only be spent in one place?

These strange slips of paper simply have values written on them, like a bank note. They are for use only at Atropos’ shop, and are “as good as gold.” He often gives them to valued customers instead of discounts, probably reasoning that this way, they will spend the discount at his shop. Atropos’ face (and sometimes disembodied hands?) appear on the face of the “bills,” and his expression becomes more and more exuberant the more the bill is worth. The face (and hands) often move on the bills, gesturing frantically, giving “thumbs up” to the holder of the bill, winking incessantly, pointing to the value printed on the bill and making faces, etc…

Atropos Fun Bucks have no cash value and (if you will kindly read the fine print) are also non-transferable, non-refundable, non-contractual, non-enforceable and generally non-binding in cases of catastrophic disaster, total financial collapse, acts of any or all god and/or gods, and when there are people in line ahead of you. Also, “the party of the first part” (Atropos) can refuse to honor any or all “Fun Bucks” for any reason that he believes to be legitimate. Legitimate reasons include but not limited to suspicion that bucks’ may be forged, suspicion that they were not given to the party of the second part (that’s you) by a legitimate Atropos and Co Ltd. employee with the authority to do so, suspicion that employee (or owner) was intoxicated at time of giving said bucks’, or general rudeness on the part of the party of the second part (rudeness may include, but is not limited to, waking the party of the first part up!). The print is quite fine.

All this being said, Atropos is proud to have never had to reject any bucks’ so far, and insists that this is all just to prevent potential abuses of a system that “works for everyone.”

Atropos Fun Bucks

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