Captain Jacobson

Captain Jacobson is a paladin in charge of a holy Peloran relic. He is typically accompanied by a nondescript friar who drives this ancient relic around in their wagon across the Erelian countryside.

Captain Jacobson obtained his position in the holy city of Cathel. After a personal tragedy, he sought out solace through this ongoing service to the gods.

Captain Jacobson appears to be in his late-thirties. He has a muscular physique, and an air of vigor and vitality about him. His nicely-trimmed beard gives him an orderly and well-groomed appearance. His hair is sandy brown, with just the beginnings of some gray. Haradriel thinks he has a noble bearing which augments his attractiveness.

He first appeared at the end of Session 2. As a paladin, Captain Jacobson can make those around him feel safe and comforted merely with a kind word. He can be a fierce adversary in battle and is willing to fight to the death for that in which he believes.

Captain Jacobson

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